Kadus Care For nourished hair instantly shiny and blossoming like new. Targeting care where it is needed most for instant results you can see and feel.

Colour Radiance
When colored hair is left unprotected and exposed to sun, water or heat, it can become porous.This results in color fade and loss of shine. Allowing hair to ...view products
Visible Repair
Designed to work with chemically treated, damaged and porous hair. Radialux Micro-Ions are attracted to damaged areas of the hair, repairing the structure and ...view products
Impressive Volume
Sensitive to wear and tear, fine hair lacks strength and hold. Easily weighed down, volume and styles are difficult to maintain.With Impressive Volume achieve ...view products
Deep Moisture
Our environment, lifestyle and heat styling can remove already depleted moisture from the hair, leaving hair dull and lifeless.With the Radialux micro-ions and ...view products
Curl Definer
Curly hair needs extra special care because it can be prone to looking dry or dull. Hair’s natural oils have to work harder to reach the ends of a curl as ...view products
Sleek Smoother
Dry, unruly & wiry hair is often rough to touch. It has too much volume and is difficult to style.Radialux Micro-Ions soften and moisturize thehair smoothing ...view products
Instantly removes excess sebum, styling residues and chemicals.Product build-ups from styling, chemical residues from treatments, air pollution, or a bad diet: ...view products