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Be inspired to take fashion to your heart and create beautiful, striking hair with the expansive L'Oréal Professionnel série expert range, professional hair care for all hair types.

Absolut Repair
Absolut Repair - This triple action program for damaged hair - série expert Absolut Repair, will return moisture and repair your hair inside out, leaving it ...view products
Detox and Control
Detox and Control - série expert Detox and Control will help re-balance and purify your scalp whilst eliminating problems associated with dandruff or ...view products
Liss Ultime
Liss Ultimesérie expert Liss Ultime will transform your unruly hair into super smooth locks that burst with vitality. The ultimate smoothing solution for ...view products
Lumino Contrast
Lumino Contrast - This revolutionary haircare programme - série expert Lumino Contrast will give your hair longer lasting radiance and enhance and refresh your ...view products
Shine Blonde
Shine Blonde - Boost, brighten and protect your luscious blonde colour with this double action care for blonde hair - série expert Shine Blonde. Shine like a ...view products
Silver - Experts in boosting grey hair, silver is a unique shampoo that brings clarity and shine to grey or white hair....view products
Vitamino Colour
Vitamino Colour - Coloured hair needs looking after to ensure its kept healthy and the colour lasts. série expert Vitamino Colour will do just that and leave ...view products
Volume Expand
Volume Expandsérie expert's new range Volume Expand replaces Volume Extreme. Designed for fine hair that craves body, volume and shine, it will give your hair ...view products
Curl Contour
Curl Contour - Put the bounce back into your curls with série expert Curl Contour. When you want healthy, stunning curls with definition and bounce this is the ...view products