Osmo Care

Reinforce, reinstate and repair

You deserve the best treatment regardless of your type. Osmo addresses your varying needs and offers outstanding protection that leaves hair healthy looking and in great condition with a lustrous shine from root to ends. Osmo's inspirational range will revolutionise your routine by adding volume, control and shine.

Blinding Shine
For gorgeous clean hair with an ice-like gleam. These products allow you to get your shine on....view products
Extreme Volume
Lift and create fullness and body whilst giving your hair a boost to live large....view products
Deep Moisture
Give your thirsty hair a head start with this hydrating range. Quench and drench for defined, healthy looking hair....view products
Lasting Colour
Maintain shiny and radiant coloured hair. These formula's effectively care for hair while helping to protect its vibrant look....view products
Osmo Berber Oil
There's no harsher environment for hair than the deserts of north Africa, so the Berber women of Morocco know a thing or two about keeping their hair in great ...view products
Colour Revive
Give colour treated hair the kiss of life between salon visits with NEW Osmo Colour Revive conditioning treatment. Infused with Avocado Oil and intensifying ...view products